The Alpine Road trip I Day thirteen & fourteen

Day 13

This was our first overnight stay with the tent so we didn't really know how cold it was gonna be. It turned out to be pretty chilly after a while. We couldn't really sleep because of the cold so we got up at 3:30 am and enjoyed the pre sunrise vibe. After 10 minutes we started working, Tone V setup his timelapse capturing the classic view on the Furchetta, Mr Dyne walked around for a while to find some compositions before the sun rose. It's amazing to be at such a location before everybody else. When we woke up there was no sign of life in the whole area. This combined with the rising sun is one of the best ways to wake up and start your day. 
As soon as the light hit the rocks Mr Dyne started running all over the place to get his shots. In the meantime Tone V flew the drone to capture some unique angles of the mountain. As soon as the light became too hard to shoot we made our way back to the lift to catch the first ride down. 

Luckily we had a hotel after this pretty sleepless night. The hotel was kind enough to let us check in at 10 am (normal check in was at 3pm). This time Unitrips hooked us up with a really fancy hotel. It came with a pool, a spa, a huge breakfast buffet, a play corner, a garage,... After some sleep we did some post processing, enjoyed the pool and soon after we left for our sunset location. 

This sunset mission consisted of 2 locations. First we shot Santa Maddalena Alta and later we went to the church of San Giovanni in Ranui. We had divided opinions about the sunset location. While Mr Dyne loved the scenery Tone V wasn't really impressed but after all we had a great time. There wasn't really much of a sunset so we made some food and when the sun went down we packed up and left.

Photo by Mr Dyne

Photo by Tone V

Photo by Mr Dyne

Iphone shot

Iphone shot

Day 14

We had no sunrise planned because we had to 'recover' from the short night on Seceda. 
Later that day we went to Alpe di Siusi to shoot sunset. We arrived, parked the car and scouted the place. We found this really cool composition with 2 little cabins on the edge of a small valley.
You probably won't believe the next part so we made a video to show you guys it was real! 200 meters to the west there was a mountain hut with some 'loud' music. After a while the music suddenly stopped and we could hear the sound of a drone taking off. It became clear that the drone was headed our direction and when it came close enough we could see something was dangling underneath the drone. They hovered above us and came down to drop off a little bottle of liquor. This really happened! 

The sunset wasn't really great so after a while we went back to the van to get some sleep because we wanted to shoot the milky way that night. 

Photo by Mr Dyne

Photo by Mr Dyne

The Alpine Road Trip I Day eleven & twelve

Day 11

We woke up hoping the filmcrew would be gone, so we could shoot sunrise undisturbed. At 4:30 am we arrived at the boathouse and were happy to see that there was no filmcrew present! It looked like the light wasn’t really going to materialise, but suddenly at around 5:30 the mountains started to catch fire! Sunrise had begun! It still was a pretty weird one, the mountains were lit, but the clouds stayed grey, we kind of liked it because of the contrast. Nevertheless we took some dope shots of the boathouse, once the light started to disappear again we started hiking around the lake to get some more pictures & videos. We made some cinegraphs for Skinnylove and visual content for Gemini We roamed around the rocks at the waterfront until 9. There was quite a lot of cloudcover, but the sun came to say hi every once in a while which made the scene look really good. When we got back at the car at 9:15 we ate some breakfast, changed cloths & drove to Hotel Sorapis provided by Unitrips. Like every time we have a hotel we post processed & charged our batteries until it was time to shoot sunset. The hotel was right next to lake Missurina so we decided to shoot it there. It was pretty stormy outside, but we still hoped on some good lighting. We litterly drove 1 minute to the viewpoint so we could sit dry underneath the tailgate. Right next to our parking spot there was a pizzeria so off course we ordered pizza & ate it while watching the “sunset”. We didn’t haver any luck with the light, it stayed overcast and started raining pretty hard, back to the hotel it was. We went to bed pretty early because the next day we had an overnight stay at Tre Cime.

Lago di Braies by Mr Dyne

Lago di Braies by Tone V

Lago di Braies by Mr Dyne

Day 12

We woke up just before we had to checkout and left for Tre Cime. At the bottom of the pass there was a roadblock. Turned out some guy crashed into the pay station & no one was allowed up. Our plans for the day ruined. Pretty bummed we parked ourselves at the side of the road and checked out what our options were. We didn’t want to mess up the planning more than it already was so we decided to just go to the next location and come back to Tre Cime later. 2 hours later we arrived at Seceda, this was also an overnight stay. At first the weather was really bad and with this being our second setback of the day we weren’t really happy. After a few hours of waiting and hoping the weather would clear we decided to take the lift that would take us all the way to the top of Seceda (2500 meters) anyways. Once there we started scouting out the place and looked for compositions. It was only 6pm, so we still had 3 hours to go before the sun went down. We kinda setup camp at a closed chairlift & waited. It started raining again & before we knew it we were in a giant cloud. Just before golden hour everything cleared & we started shooting. All the waiting was so worth it, because the sunset was pretty epic. Tone V climbed on one of the chairlift pillars to get an overview of the whole scenery & Mr DYNe rushed around the area to get different shots & get the most out of the sunset. As soon as it got dark we both met up again at the chairlift to setup our tent. This was our first overnight stay at a location, so it was pretty exciting but at the same time sketchy. We had an alarm set at about 1 am to checkout the night sky and if the conditions were right shoot some stars. Unfortunately there was too much cloud cover se we just stayed in our tent and tried to sleep some more.

Seceda by Tone V

Seceda by Mr Dyne

Seceda by Mr Dyne

The Alpine Road trip I Day nine & ten

Day 9

Because we stayed up pretty late the night before to process our content from lake sorapis we skipped sunrise (not that there was anything planned). Checkout was at 10, but we stayed in the lobby to work some more.

At around 12pm we left initially for Croda da Lago, but on our way there it became clear that the weather would not let us continue with this mission. Now we had a lot of time on our hands to arrange soms things, go shopping and find a new sunset location. One of the first things we did was going to a VW garage to repair our 12V power outlet (it broke on day 3).

We spent about an hour there and luckily they managed to find the problem & fix it! This was really great news, because now we didn’t have to worry about charging our devices anymore. After all of this we did all of the regular things we do every other day (go to the grocery store, clean out the van…)

In the meanwhile we decided to go to the parking lot of Tre Cime to shoot sunset and sunrise with ‘Benny’ as main model of those 2 shoots! 

The sunset wasn’t really that great, so it was a good decision not to go to Croda da Lago. We still got some shots & time lapses, but nothing really great

When the sun went down we almost immediately went to sleep.

Benny at the VW garage

Van life


Day 10

And again the alarm went off at around 4am and we had to start moving.

Tone V setup a time-lapse of Benny with the epic view the parking of Tre Cime has to offer as a backdrop, Mr Dyne did the same only for a photo. After his pictures were taken, he went on a little solo mission while Tone V stayed at the van and made some Ronin shots. 

The light was pretty good that morning and we were happy with the results we got. 

When Mr Dyne came back from his solo mission we filmed the van tour (finally) & left the parking lot at 9am.

On the way to Cinque Torri the road we were driving on had a pretty cool view on the mountains & we naturally took out the drone & made some shots of the van driving into the distance. After this Tone V discovered he lost his SD card with that mornings Time-lapse & one angle of the van tour A-roll on it. That sucked pretty hard, but hey in the end it’s just an SD-card with ‘some footage’ on it.

We still had the other angle of the van tour & Tone V saved 2/3 of his Time-lapse already, so the damage was not that bad. We still searched for a good hour though, but to date still nothing was found…

At noon we parked our car at cinque torri and hiked up the hill. Because it was day time the light was nothing special, but this is just one of those things you have to see when you’re in the Dolomites. We roamed around the area a little bit, took some shots for Gemini & flew the drone. We didn’t even spent 2 hours on location before it started raining. Back to the van it was. 

Next on the planning: Lago di Braies, one of the more famous spots on this trip. When we arrived there was a lot of cloud cover and the weather forecast wasn’t really promising. Scouting the place out is never a bad idea, so that’s what we did. Because the lighting conditions were so bad we didn’t even bring our cameras.

When we came closer to the iconic boathouse of Lago di braies we saw a lot of people standing there & they didn’t really look like tourists. Turned out there was a filmcrew that rented the whole thing so no one was allowed near the place. 

Not too bad, because we weren’t really planning to shoot anyways because of the weather. We could only hope they would be gone in the morning.

We didn’t want to do nothing so we went on an evening walk to scout the place further out. After an hour hike (we stopped regularly and walked on a pretty slow tempo) we arrived back at the van, made some dinner and went to bed.

Benny shot by Mr Dyne

Benny shot by Mr Dyne

Shot by Mr Dyne

Shot by Mr Dyne

Iphone shot by Tone V

The Alpine Road trip I Day seven & eight

Day seven

Since we didn't really have a sunrise location we slept in. At 10 am we drove towards a laundromat to wash our clothes. We had to drive to the nearest city which was an hour and a half away. The mission was simple, we had to wash our clothes and charge our batteries since the car charger was still out of use. When we arrived at the laundromat we were happy to see that there was a plug to charge our batteries. The only downside was that the payment machine didn't accept credit cards and since we usually don't have cash on us we had to go find an ATM. There was no ATM in the area so finding cash took a while. In the end we spend a lot more time in the laundromat then originally planned. We arrived way later than expected at the Gardena Pass, our sunset location. It didn't really matter though because it was pouring rain outside. At 7 pm the rain stopped and we immediately started our hike/climb. The first part of the hike was relatively easy but after a while the path became steeper and the terrain turned into a rocky landscape. In the end we even had to use ropes attached to the rocks. This was a short but one of the more challenging hikes of this trip. When we reached the top the view was more than worth the climb! We stood on a little platform with a huge drop in front of us. Beneath us we could see a green plain with the Gardena Pass curving through it. At the other side of the plain we could see Piz Boé, a huge rock formation with a width span of about 7 kilometers. To the right of that there was another huge rock formation called Sassolungo. In front of Piz Boé there was a pretty epic low hanging cloud. It only stayed for about 10 minutes so we were just in time to capture it. We stayed for an hour and a half on the top of the platform to shoot. When the light was gone we packed, put on our headlights and headed back down. The descent went way faster then expected in comparison to the hike up which took us an hour. We only needed 30 minutes to get back down. Because it was pretty intense we went straight to bed an had a good nights sleep. 

Gardena Pass by Mr Dyne

Day 8

We woke up and drove to our hotel. On the way we stopped a lot to take in the breathtaking views. When we arrived at the hotel we were amazed by the location and the view the room came with. Unitrips hooked us up once again!
We did some post processing and left for our sunset location. It was a short drive of about 40 minutes to the parking of our eight sunset mission. We had another tough hike ahead of us. This one wasn't steep but it was the length that made it a challenge. We saw a lof of people coming back and one even said: "You're pretty late!". While we thought he left early. It's funny how people don't get the whole golden hour thing. After 2 hours we finally made it to the turquoise lake surrounded by huge vertical walls. We started shooting immediately and got some great results. Every once in a while a fox  came by. He was pretty difficult to capture because he ran away every time. When the sun disappeared behind the horizon the clouds came rolling in. We packed our stuff before it started raining. The hike back took us only an hour and wasn't as exhausting. After a 40 minute drive back to the hotel we post processed till 2 am. There's something so satisfying about seeing the final result the same day you shot it. 

Lake Sorapis by Mr Dyne

Lake Sorapis by Tone V

The Alpine Road trip I Day five & six

Day 5

Since we managed to shoot sunrise at Hallstatt a day earlier we had no sunrise location for this morning. We decided to sleep in and take things easy for the day. At 10 am we checked out and started our drive to Slovenia. We went to lake Bohinj first, with it being located in Triglavski National park it’s an amazing place to visit. We shot some product shots for Gemini and after an hour we left for Lake Bled. On the way we stopped to dip ourselves in the ice cold water. Pretty refreshing! 

When we arrived at Lake Bled the weather looked pretty bad. Stormy clouds surrounded the mountains in the distance. We still decided to hike up to the viewpoint. Just to scout the place for sunrise the next day. We took some shots anyways and at 8:30 a thunderstorm came towards our direction. We left and hiked back. Later that evening we checked in at our second hotel provided by Unitrips.

Lake Bled by Mr Dyne

Lake Bled by Tone V

Lake Bled by Tone V

Day six

4:00 Am, the alarm went off. This was one of our earliest missions since we had to drive to the parking and hike up to the viewpoint all before the first light. We made it to the viewpoint and it became clear that this would develop into an amazing scenery. We could see Lake Bled with the iconic island in the middle, a lot of low hanging clouds above it. In the background we could see the beautiful silhouette of a mountain range. The high level clouds were covered in a soft pink color provided by the upcoming sun. The landscape developed further while we kept shooting and after a while another photographer arrived on the scene. We had a little chat about the surrounding area. When the sun came above the mountains the light became too harsh. We went back down and took a couple of shots by the water. At 8:30 am we got back to the car, drove back to the hotel, got breakfast, took a shower and made our way to Italy.

Once there we stopped by Lake Fusine. This location wasn’t in the planning but we got some good content out of it! After our short stay we continued our journey to Lake Predil. On the way we stopped for a few hours at a river to cook, clean,… At around 6 pm we drove to the parking of Lake Predil, scouted the place, took our cameras and started shooting. This was a pretty difficult location to find the right composition and the lighting conditions weren’t ideal as well (there were no clouds). We did our best and went back to the car. We took our camping chairs and went to the water front to discuss our plans for sunrise. We didn’t really like this location so we searched for something new in the area. Suddenly an idea popped into our minds. Since we where shooting sunset in The Dolomites the day after we could as well already drive there. We immediately jumped in the van and started the supposedly 2 hour drive accordingly to Apple maps. After an 1 hour and 40 minutes Mr Dyne became suspicious, he’s familiar with The Dolomites and something wasn’t right. He searched for the right location again on Google maps and the drive became an hour longer. At 12:30 am we arrived at the parking lot of Tre Cime. The plan was to spend the night here to wake up with an amazing view. But since we were in the middle of a giant storm cloud with thunder and lightning pretty close by and a visibility of 5 meters we had to cancel the mission. We drove back down for a safer spot. We found this free RV site and went to bed.

Lake Bled by Mr Dyne

Lake Bled by Tone V

Lake Bled by Mr Dyne

Lake Predil By Tone V

Lake Predil by Mr Dyne

The Alpine Road trip I Day three & four

Day Three

As mentioned before we had no luck with last night's sunset so Mr Dyne wanted to shoot again with hopes on good light. We decided not to drive to the Hintersee as planned but to stay and shoot sunrise at the Eibsee instead.

Mr Dyne:
"It was my third time at the Eibsee and I still had no pictures that I was happy with. I woke up, took my gear and started the hike. Tone V wanted to stay in the van to get some more sleep.
At 4:20 in the morning there's really not much going on. After 30 minutes I went off trail and a little later I spotted a deer. 
I arrived on location and the light started to develop. I started shooting when suddenly a strange scary sound came from the forrest. It's not something you want to hear when you're all alone on the tip of a peninsula.
Anyways I took a lot of photos but ended up choosing the one I took half an hour after sunrise. Don't get me wrong! The colors where amazing at sunrise but there wasn't a lot of cloud cover. In the end I flew the drone to get that amazing areal perspective. At around 7:30 am I arrived back at the van and we started our drive to the Hintersee"

The drive was supposed to be short but we had some minor problems. 4 Hours later we arrived at the Hintersee, parked the van and walked 2 minutes to our photo location. It was a quick in and out mission, we knew what we wanted, took the pictures and left right after for our next location.

Only 25 minutes later Benny (the van) was parked at the Königssee and we started packing. Since we wanted to sleep at the Obersee we had to bring our camping gear. Mr Dyne took the camping gear and Tone V took the camera gear. 20 Minutes later we started hiking towards a boat which took us to the beginning of the trail. After a pretty intense 45 minute hike we arrived at the top of the glacier and supposedly the ice cave. We were pretty bumbed by the fact that almost all of the cave was gone. Online we could find images of the cave being 6 meters tall. Some small openings were the only things that were left. Because our drive to the Hintersee earlier took us longer than we planned it became pretty clear that we wouldn't make it to the last boat towards the Obersee for our overnight trip. So back to the parking it was!

Normally we would shoot sunset at Hallstatt the day after but since we were not going to shoot sunset at the Obersee we had a free spot in the planning. So we drove to Hallstatt immediately to shoot sunset that same day. The drive took us 2 and a half hours and when we arrived we only had a 30 minutes left before sunset. We took a couple of test shots and made our way back to the van. We drove to a quiet spot to cook dinner and get some sleep. 

Eibsee by Mr Dyne


Eibsee by Mr Dyne

by Mr Dyne

Königssee by Mr Dyne

Day 4

4:10 am, the alarm went off. The first 15 minutes are the most difficult ones. Your body just doesn't want to get up, you feel very sleepy,... But after a while it just feels like any other morning. We drove back to our parking spot in Hallstatt and went to the same location for sunrise. The sun rose and we got some good light! Normally it's nice to be on a location at sunrise. Both for the amazing light you get and because there's no one around. But this time was different. A lot of tourists appeared out of nowhere and disturbed the peace. Luckily they couldn't stand in front of the camera. One of them bumped into Tone V's tripod though (yes it ruined the shot, big time) We left Hallstatt at 8 am and drove to a quiet spot to clean the van and get some rest. 

At 1 pm we arrived at our hotel for the night. Since the car charger in the van broke a few days earlier we couldn't charge our batteries anymore, we immediately started charging our batteries. After some post processing, a wel deserved shower and some food we left for our sunset location. It was a completely random location with no guaranteed compositions. But it turned out to be a great one, rolling hills with little sheds on them and winding roads going off into the distance. All this accompanied by huge mountains in the background. After sunset we went to our hotel provided by Unitrips and got some sleep. 

Hallstatt by Mr Dyne

Hallstatt by Tone V

Hallstatt by Tone V

Sunset location day 4 by Mr Dyne

The Alpine Road trip I Day one & two

Day one

The Drive

We left our hometown at 8:30 AM for the first location, the Hohenzollern Castle.
The drive was pretty smooth with only some slow traffic in border town Basel. When the landscape started to curve more we got more and more excited for this amazing adventure ahead of us!

Our first location

At around 4 PM we arrived at our very first location. Sunset was still 5 hours away so we decided to hike to the viewpoint to scout the place. When we saw the castle for the first time our initial thought was that it was way closer then we had in mind. Tone V made a timelapse while Mr Dyne took some test shots. 40 Minutes later we left and hiked back to the van. We setup the table, ate dinner and had a little chat about the next few days. 

After dinner and a gingerlove drink we took our bags and hiked back to the location we scouted earlier. While hiking we were hoping the tourists would be gone because before there were a lot of them. When we arrived some people were still on the viewpoint, it was okay but not ideal. Mr Dyne chose for a pretty wide composition to show some scale in the landscape. Tone V went for a slightly closer shot for his timelapse. He also got the drone in the air. Drone shots always give this fresh and new perspetive on things. The castle itself was about a kilometer away from the viewpoint. But with a clear view and no obstructions this was no problem for the Mavic Pro. 

We kept on taking pitures untill 20 minutes after the sun went down. Just then another photographer arrived at the same spot. We chatted for a while and left soon after.

As soon as we got in the van we drove to our second location, The Neuschwanstein Castle. 


Day two

At 1am we arrived at our destination & went straight to bed, because we only had 3 hours and 30 minutes of sleep left. 4:30 am, the alarm woke us up. We jumped out of the van & started our hike/climb up to the Neuschwanstein Castle. 25 Minutes later we stood on the bridge with a truly magnificent view. Again, some pictures & time lapses were made. Everything went smooth until the drone didn’t function properly. The gimbal was acting weird & we couldn’t get it calibrated. No drone shots here. Back in the van Tone V did some research and found out the drone was pretty much busted… No drone is no good, so we drove to the nearest camera store and buy a new one! It was 45 minutes away from where we were. After the drone was purchased we drove to the Eibsee, on the way we stopped by a river for dinner and kinda lost track of time. At around 7pm we left our little spot & drove further to the Eibsee. Once there we immediately started hiking, but no luck. There was no intrest in the sky, but we still got some shots although the conditions weren’t ideal. At 10:30 pm we made it back to the van, did some post processing and went straight to bed.

Neuschwanstein Castle by Mr Dyne

Neuschwanstein Castle by Mr Dyne

Neuschwanstein Castle by Tone V

Eibsee by Mr Dyne

Our camping gear + test night

We needed new camping gear for The Alpine Road trip so we went to Decathlon to gather our supplies. The next day we were ready to test our new setup!


First we had to get everything we wanted. We made a list with the necessary items and went to the store. It was a quick in and out mission, everything we needed was located in the same hallway. After 20 minutes we had everything we needed. 

The goods

We had to get a bunch of new gear, the gear we used before was way to big and heavy to carry up a mountain. If we remove the camera compartment form Mr Dyne's backpack there's a lot of room to play with.  Eventually everything fits perfectly in his backpack except for the tent which will be fitted underneath the bag. Tone V will be carrying our camera gear since there's no more room in Mr Dyne's bag. 


Our trekking gear:
2x Hammock
1x Headlight
1x Ropes
2x Mountain food
1x Map(s)

2x Sleeping bags
2x Pillow
2x Air mattress
3x Carabiners

1x Notebook
1x Tent
1x Backpack
1x The Alpine Road trip map


A test night

We thought it would be a good idea to test out our gear before using it in a 'rough' environment.
This way we knew how to setup the tent and how to get everything back in its original bag since that's always a struggle...  


The setup of the tent was easy and quick. It took us 5 minutes to get the tent up and running. Both the air mattress and the pillow were easy to use as well. The total setup took us 10-15 minutes. We were really impressed by the ease of use. 

A decent amount of sleep

We can't say that our first night was a huge succes. We ran into some issues during the night, but those can be solved. And even if they can't be solved they probably won't be a problem. This setup is only for short nights on location. So all in all this setup fits our needs perfectly!

France_FS1-1-2 UPL.jpg
_MG_5971 copy.jpg

The aftermath

It's always fun when your gear is easy to set up. But it has to be easy to break down as well. I guess it's because it's special trekking gear but the break down was super easy and quick! 
The setup we chose to use is a succes and we can't wait to test it out in the real world. Somewhere in nature with an amazing view.