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"Photographing the world"


Hi! I'm Mr Dyne

I'm a 20 year old self taught photographer based in Belgium.
I'm mainly focused on landscape photography, planning and shooting a landscape is what I like doing most. 

If I’m not out shooting, I’m probably planning another trip.

For me, photography is a way to engage people and pull them into the scenery, to inspire others to travel more.
Of course the views and stories are important as well.
I'm not the kind of guy you'll find behind a desk or at a 'nine to five' job.

- Mr Dyne -






The Alpine Road trip








My story

Our family vacations often brought us into the mountains. No cities, no people rushing around.
Just an amazing untouched landscape in front of our eyes.
I think my interest in landscapes developed in that period. My passion for photography came way later.
I was first introduced to photography in 2015 using my mom's camera.
I took some quick snapshots of a hut in Italy but no more than that.
I liked it but I never thought about buying my own camera, editing software, filters,...
A solid year later I started studying Multimedia where we were able to use a Canon 60d for our assignments.
I was excited, saved some money and bought my own camera and that's where the magic happened. 
I bought a 70d and started experimenting immediately. Nothing great came out of it but at the time I was happy with the results. 
And that's what matters right? Things developed slowly until our family vacation in August 2016.
I took some photos of a landscape and got evermore enthusiastic ... Yup that's it, that's really it.
It felt like I was reborn. Of course that's a little dramatized to make this whole story interesting...
But I definitely felt like a new me, my perspective on landscapes basically changed.
At this point I wanted to shoot more, practice, gather information,... And that's what I did.
I started watching tutorials day in day out and in september I went to university Brussels.
Because amazing scenes do not really exist close to my house I started shooting architecture in Brussels. 
I still watched a lot of videos and in 2017 I went to The Dolomites.
That brings us to today. The dolomites really changed my life, I'm constantly looking for
new adventures and challenges. The Milky Way has become a passion for me as well.
I won't talk about the Milky Way in this segment because it will get way to long.
If you're interested check out my full portfolio above!


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