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Hi! I'm Tone V

My main business is cinematography, apart from Millennial Productions I'm a freelance one man crew and I am ready for any assignment: events, commercials, music videos, short social media videos, visualising your idea or company, you name it!


"With a camera in my hands, the possibilities are endless!"

-Tone V


No matter where I go there's a 99,9% chance I have my camera bag with me, equipped with everything I need.
There's just something in me that doesn't want to miss any opportunity to capture the moment!


- Tone V -



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My Story

Ever since I can remember I’ve been making videos, it’s in my veins. When I was 12 I got my first ‘real’ camera and when I got older I only became more and more passionate about what I could do with it.
Over the years I bought myself these cheap cameras and editing software to improve my skills.
Because I knew I had to do something with video in the future I took MultiMedia courses in my junior & senior year of high school.
After that I went to college (film school) in 2016, but half way through the first year I started to wonder
if this was the right direction for me. The courses didn’t really interest me & half of the stuff we saw or did I already knew or it was very ‘old school’. I wanted something new & exciting, a challenge.
It was around that time I got the opportunity to document a band in the USA so I quit school and left with them for 3 months.
Here I learned to work fast and under pressure.
During that time I made several music videos & a lot of ‘vlogs’ about their daily life (meetings, shows,…).
Because of this experience people in the industry in Belgium started to notice and eventually book me!
It’s been about a year since I quit college and I’ve made over 30 music videos, several after movies for events like Feest Op Het Plein, Jan & Alleman (Jan Smit), I love the 90’s, Promotional videos & trailers for Music hall and countless little projects.

But that’s ‘work’, so what is my passion?
Travel & Lifestyle videos! Over the years I’ve made over 50 video’s on so many trips.
I love to capture my surroundings when I’m somewhere new to make the memories last forever.
Search for those unique angles that make your jaw drop.
With the use of my glide cam, gimbal & drone I try to make a masterpiece about every place I go!
Check out my work below and if you are interested in working together with a reasonable priced one man crew all in one package to translate your vision into reality, don’t hesitate to email me!


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